First 13 hours of development!
A tool for making all the hair textures you need.
Painting with Sprites!
Weapons that have the ability to be modified in engine.
50 icons hand painted in 512*512 px
A set of flowers, plants and pots perfect for a little gardening game
Customised Hair Shaders for Unreal and Unity
Project files for Gamemaker 1.4 and 2.0 plus Unity Project(no code) and Graphics files.
Animated Arms, Hands and Gloves - unity only
Skin, Eyes and Hair Shader Pack for Unity
+ Shader + Tattoo - VR Compatible
over 230 office props!
Designed for unity - Early Access
A collection of top down, side on and isometric Sprites
Stylised block and trees pack for games
Low Poly movie cars, great for Prototyping only
A set of 8 characters rigged and ready for mixamo or humanoid mechanim
An animated alien arm 3D model with Texture
Cars rendered into sprites
Mini Golf game with a twist
Play in browser
Its Pong with Rabbits!