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An Art tool that uses sprite sets as brushes - Includes 80 brushes!


Windows 10 only - Fullscreen only. TimerBar tool now included.

Version Changes: V0.64 - C64 cleanup version 1. See full video workflow on my twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/755382860

For full C64 workflow see the bottom of this info.

For best painting results, stay on the same layer as the blending works better this way. Using multiple layers maybe give dark edges on soft-transparent brushes, this is a default shader artifact and may be fixed as I learn new ways to blend between layers.


  • Taking a couple of months break from Blitpaint to catch up with other things! Enjoy! See you in September!


  • Some more UI buttons and fixes here and there
  • You can now toggle layer hide/show (right Mouse button)
  • Hidden C64 mode .. to activate it... well .. guess!
  • Opacity Slider for layers
  • Show/Hide Layers
  • Colour Swatch Lightness/UnDarkness(value)
  • New Parallax mode (Press the Home Key to toggle!)
  • Adjust Sprite offset axis with Number Pad keys 2,4,6 and 8.
  • Fixed most of the UI
  • Alpha lock and brush capture icons added
  • Brush capture tool! https://youtu.be/OBh2tTs7gvs
  • Animation mode (The 4 split grid, 8 and 16 due to come!)
  • Bigger pixel grid added
  • 2 more sets of iso stuff (painterly and soft styles) 80 brushes included
  • Pre-select Memory modes 
  • Save as 4 sprite strip (use grid 3 mid area to know where to draw)
  • Middle release / Right mouse button  release (alternative colour picking from scene)
  • D or click color swatch light or use mousewheel - Draw Modes (single colour, Multi color, Greyscale Color Blend)
  • Shift+S to toggle stamp mode (v0.35)
  • Redo (CTRL+ALT+Z)  (v0.36)
  • Grids - Press G to cycle through grids
  • ScaleX slider (right click to reset to 1)
  • Layers can be swapped/merged with the mousewheel.
  • Import custom brush (left click for 16 slices, right click for single image, see latest video)
  • Recommended Spec - 2GB Ram i3 2Ghz or equivalent,  to avoid lag in paint mode, pixel and C64 modes are less demanding so should work fine on most machines.

Current Shortcut keys

Arrow up/down to change layers (layers 0 to 9, 10 layers total)

  • Mousewheel up/down swap layers (hover over and wheel up or down)
  • B to bake everything down to layer 0 (resets undo memory)
  • O to toggle undo memory
  • M - Mouse Mode (Ignores pen pressure)
  • E/R - Rotate brush counter clockwise / clockwise
  • Ctrl+R Rotation Follow Toggle
  • Shift+R  +90 on rotation
  • Shift+S - Stamp mode toggle
  • Shift/Alt X - Flippy X(random) or just Flip X
  • Left+Right mouse to erase or hold Z while painting
  • N - Normal Map Shader toggle
  • X and move cursor - stretches the brush
  • L - locked pixel mode (paint only on existing pixels)
  • F - Draw in additive mode
  • D - Toggle draw modes (0,1,2) Single Colour / Multi Colour / Blended Grey
  • S and move - scales the brush
  • A and move - alpha for the brush
  • CTRL+S - save merged image. 
  • Alt+L - Load new background image
  • Ctrl+L - Load image into layer 5 (Cutout alpha only)
  • 56k plots stored in undo data.
  • Enter - Play through undo data
  • P - Perspective mode toggle (everything gets smaller further up the screen) 
  • `¬ Key - Pixel mode toggle - +/- to alter pixel size
  • Backspace - Clear all layers
  • Home - Parallax Layer mode (for fun)
  • Shift + C - Clear current layer
  • Alt + C - Clear and Fill with Color1
  • Ctrl + C - Clear and Fill with Color2
  • Alt+Ctrl+C - Clear and Fill with Gradient with Color1+2
  • CTRL+S - save merged image. 
  • Alt+L - Load new background image
  • Ctrl+L - Load image into layer 5 
  • Alt+R - Toggle Reference image (press i to load the image)
  • Left+Right Mouse button to erase or Z+Left mouse button
  • Left+Middle Mouse to smudge or Shift and Left Mouse 

Known issues: 

Tablet proportions broken if you have multiple monitors - Temporary solution, unplug power to secondary monitors Alt+Tab out and back will also help.

Undo is odd when clearing a layer, the strokes still exist in undo memory (this is fixable but will take some time as I need to truncate the undo memory..but...it's kind of optional).

 UI incomplete / Mostly all shortcut keys

HD res only - no ability to zoom or anything

Opacity Blending is good as it gets

Planned features in future versions: 

Reference image

Load Custom Brushes

Save Settings per Brush (in progress)

Multiple Layers

Painting Modes (Color modes)

UI Overhaul

Greater than HD resolution + Pan/Zoom Functionality

Brush Library / Editing

Customise keys

Animated sprites layer - for effects

C64 workflow:

After painting as normal or pasting an image / brushing. Click on the Commodore icon on the top right to switch on the C64. The pixels will become C64 resolution. After this, click the initC64 on the left, after about 20 seconds or less click the blue and red C= Icon to convert it to C64 GangEd2 colour palette. Now you must scan the image, click the scan button and wait about 5-10 seconds so that it can map the new data and show errors (blocks with more than 3 colours + main background colour). You will see block weight data on red blocks is greater than 4, those will need refining. You can try the brush icon to auto clean, after this you must rescan for an update in the data. You can adjust the threshold slider 25-40 is a good range, after adjusting that you can click the brush icon again. (it's the icon right of the scan button). Now you can really see a reduction in the bad blocks, fix the remaining red blocks manually. Optionally you can choose a different background colour by ticking the 'override main colour' checkbox and alt-rightclicking the new main colour. The C64 has 1 main colour and 3 extra colours per 8x8 block ( in this case 4x8 as horizontal pixels are paired). When all is good and you have no more red blocks showing after a scan, and 0 bad blocks, you can now save the image. To the bottom right of the screen you will see 'save as c64 image' this will only save as a .png at 320x200px with the C64 colours. You need to convert this to .bmp manually then bring that into GangEd2 to convert, remember to choose the right main background colour like you did before and set no dither or anything other fancy options. Once converted you can save as a .prg for emulators or other formats. GandEd2: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=112602


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BlitPaint_v064.zip 26 MB
TimerBarV02.zip 2 MB

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original and powerful approach to creative pixel painting.

Any plan to port it to Mac?


I'm afraid not at this time. I don't develop on a mac nor have a licence etc so ... sorry.

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Really great app. Hope to see some big improvements later on.

Miss being able to pick brushes and color with the mouse, instead of using all those shortcuts. And the layers, oh the layer x)
Apart from that, really great work! Congrats!

I totally agree with you, so many times (and I even made the thing) I tend to move the mouse to the brushes... you know what. That is going to be in the next update!! And thanks for the support!

Always! As a game company we are, we like to help! So, anytime!
And keep the great work with that amazing tool. Will keep an eye on the updates!

And it is done!

(3 edits) (+1)

That's awesome. I hope to see it in action :)

EDIT: I tested it now. It really feels a lot better. This is really promising 

Hmmm, this looks promising!

In addition to typical art-creation purposes, this looks like it could be useful (after you make a system for custom brush loading - perhaps from numbered PNG files for each potential sprite in a brush?) for games that use sprites to create static maps - the RPG Maker community in particular uses this technique a lot, but most existing methods of placing sprite assets into image files are slow and tedious.

Thanks, I'm currently making more brush sets and will definitely be looking at the best method for batch loading. The numbered system along with some documentation seems the best way to go! Many thanks for the comment!I guess loading custom brushes is never an easy one, even in photoshop it's a bit of a process. It will be made into a tutorial for sure and even if it means step-by-step workflow from within blitpaint itself!

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I think loading in sprite sheets with fixed spacing could work, it will likely be a brush-editing window for that. And it is done!